Infoblox NIOS Commands

NIOS Command Overview

?Display help
ddns_addSend DDNS update to add a record
ddns_deleteSend DDNS update to delete a record
DeleteDelete files
DigPerform a DNS lookup and print the results
dns_a_record_deleteDelete a DNS A record
ExitExit command interpreter
HelpDisplay help
QuitExit command interpreter
RebootReboot device
ResetResets system settings
RotateRotate files
SetSet current system settings
ShowShow current system settings
ShutdownShutdown device
TracerouteRoute path diagnostic

NIOS SHOW Commands

show [ admin_group_acl | arp | bfd | bgp | bind_tombstones_count | bloxtools | capacity | cc_mode | certificate_auth_admins | certificate_auth_services | check_auth_ns | clusterd_info | config | connection_limit | connections | cpu | date | debug | delete_tasks_interval | dhcp_gss_tsig | dhcpd_recv_sock_buf_size | dhcpv6_gss_tsig | disk | dns | dns_gss_tsig | dns_rrl | enable_match_recursive_only | file | forced_autosync | hardware_status | hwid | ibtrap | interface | ip_rate_limit | ipv6_bgp | ipv6_disable_on_dad | ipv6_neighbor | ipv6_ospf | lcd | lcd_info | lcd_settings | license | license_pool_container | license_uid | log | log_txn_id | logfiles | lom | max_recursion_depth | max_recursion_queries | memory | mld_version | monitor | ms_sticky_ip | named_recv_sock_buf_size | network | ntp | ospf | overload_bootp | phonehome | query_capture | remote_console | routes | scheduled | security | session_timeout | snmp | ssl_tls_ciphers | ssl_tls_protocols | ssl_tls_settings | static_routes | status | support_access | tech-support | temperature | thresholdtrap | token | traffic_capture_status | txn_trace | upgrade_history | uptime | version | vpn_cert_dates | wins_forwarding ]


show admin_group_aclDisplay Admin Groups using ACL settings
show arpDisplay system ARP cache
show bfdDisplay BFD related information
show bgpDisplay BGP related information
show bind_tombstones_countDisplay count of bind tombstone objects in the database
show bloxtoolsDisplay bloxTools status
show capacityDisplay DB usage for this member
show cc_modeDisplay Common Criteria settings
show certificate_auth_adminsDisplay Admins restricted to use Certificate Authentication only
show certificate_auth_servicesDisplay the Certificate Authentication Services used as Effective Auth Policies
show check_auth_nsDisplay check authoritative NS RRset setting
show clusterd_infoDisplay clusterd runtime information
show configDisplay dns, dhcp configuration file
show connection_limitDisplay the per client IP address protocol maximum connection limit
show connectionsDisplay all TCP/UDP connections
show cpuDisplay the processor and memory statistics
show dateDisplay the date, time and time zone of the appliance
show debugDisplay the status of debugging
show delete_tasks_intervalDisplay number of days to delete completed scheduled tasks from the system
show dhcp_gss_tsigDisplay diagnostics for DHCP GSS-TSIG
show dhcpd_recv_sock_buf_sizeDisplay UDP socket receive buffer size used by dhcpd for this member
show dhcpv6_gss_tsigDisplay diagnostics for DHCPv6 GSS-TSIG
show diskDisplay the disk space used
show dnsShow DNS query statistics and recursive cache
show dns_gss_tsigDisplay diagnostics for DNS GSS-TSIG
show dns_rrlDisplay DNS Response Rate Limiting setings
show enable_match_recursive_onlyDisplay match-recursive-only values (which can overrride view level settings)
show fileDisplay the content(s) of a file(s)
show forced_autosyncDisplay whether forced autosync is turned on or off
show hardware_statusDisplay the hardware status
show hwidDisplay the hardware ID
show ibtrapDisplay Infoblox Trap information
show interfaceDisplay network interface details
show ip_rate_limitDisplay ip rate limit rules
show ipv6_bgpDisplay IPv6 BGP related information
show ipv6_disable_on_dadDisplay whether IPv6 is disabled if duplicate IPv6 address is detected on that interface
show ipv6_neighborDisplay IPv6 neighbor details
show ipv6_ospfDisplay IPv6 OSPF related information
show lcdDisplay whether the LCD keys are turned on or off
show lcd_infoDisplay info shown on the LCD
show lcd_settingsDisplay LCD settings
show licenseDisplay product and maintenance licenses
show license_pool_containerDisplay The Unique ID of the License Pool Container
show license_uidDisplay the grid-wide license unique ID
show logDisplay the specified system log
show log_txn_idDisplay whether the DHCP packets transaction id logging turned on or off
show logfilesDisplay the size of the system log files
show lomDisplay LOM network/user settings
show max_recursion_depthDisplay max_recursion_depth value.
show max_recursion_queriesDisplay max_recursion_queries value.
show memoryDisplay the memory statistics
show mld_versionDisplay IPv6 Multicast Listener Discovery Version
show monitorDisplay current network monitor settings
show ms_sticky_ipDisplay whether the ms_sticky_ip is turned on or off
show named_recv_sock_buf_sizeDisplay UDP socket receive buffer size used by named for this member
show networkDisplay current network settings
show ntpDisplay NTP associations and statistics
show ospfDisplay OSPF related information
show overload_bootpDisplay whether the Overload BOOTP functionality is turned on or off
show phonehomeDisplay Phone Home settings
show query_captureDisplay captured DNS queries
show remote_consoleDisplay remote console access settings
show routesDisplay src rules and routes
show scheduledDisplay number of automatic restarts per hour for scheduled tasks
show securityDisplay current security settings
show session_timeoutDisplay gui/cli session timeout
show snmpDisplay SNMP information such as contents of variables
show ssl_tls_ciphersDisplay the SSL/TLS cipher suite settings
show ssl_tls_protocolsDisplay the SSL/TLS protocol settings
show ssl_tls_settingsDisplay the SSL/TLS settings
show static_routesDisplay static routes details
show statusDisplay Grid and HA status
show support_accessDisplay support access settings
show tech-supportDisplay output for all show commands
show temperatureDisplay the temperature
show thresholdtrapDisplay Infoblox Threshold Trap information
show tokenDisplay token settings
show traffic_capture_statusDisplay traffic capture status
show txn_traceShow db transaction log
show upgrade_historyDisplay upgrade history
show uptimeDisplay the uptime of the appliance
show versionDisplay the product version
show vpn_cert_datesDisplay VPN certificate dates
show wins_forwardingDisplay the WINS forwarding settings

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