How to Use Free MDI to TIFF File Converter

If you’re not able to open mdi files in Windows 10 and want to know how to use mdi to tiff file converter, then this article is for you. Tonight I was doing a little disk/file cleanup on my Windows 10 system and ran across some old MDI files that I was not able to open. Following are the steps I took to

How to Open MDI Files

Microsoft Document Imaging (MDI) files is a file format that first came out with Office XP. To open MDI files, you needed the Microsoft Document Imaging component, which also installed a printer driver that allowed you to print/save documents in the MDI format. It was very handy and lightweight and I often used it to print out web pages I wanted to save for later. However, the MDI file format was discontinued after Office 2007, and therefore if you’re like me, not able to open MDI files in Windows 10, you’ll need to convert them.

MDI to TIFF File Converter

First things first. For this exercise, you’ll need to download the MDI to TIFF file converter. Normally, you would install this program after you download it, however I don’t like to install programs if I can help it. I decided to extract the package with 7-zip. I right-clicked on MDI2TIFConverter.exe to extract it to a folder:

mdi to tiff file converter how to use

And then extracted the, which rendered the following files

Convert MDI to TIFF

Typically, how to use mdi to tiff converter you would issue a command like this:

mdi2tif.exe -source <sourcefile> -log <logfile>

However I had many that I needed to convert, so I wrapped it in a for loop as such and ran it from the directory where my MDI files were stored:

for /f "tokens=1 delims=" %a in ('dir /b') do C:\temp\MDI2TIFConverter\mdi2tif -source "%a" -log mdi2tif.log

But on second look, it appears I could have simply used the following command to convert all the MDI files to TIFF:

C:\temp\MDI2TIFConverter\mdi2tif -source S:\Path\To\mdi_files -dest S:\Save\tiff_files\here -subfolders -log mdi2tif.log

And voila, that’s how to use mdi to tiff file converter when you’re not able to open mdi files in Windows 10.

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